Kid Picks

The AAP strongly says that children should be allowed to watch television programs which are appropriate to their age, educational and should not contain any fierce or adult subject matter. When it is the right time for your kid to sit in front of the television and watch it you can help him or her to the best Kid Picks possible shows. This will help in the best utilization of the TV watching habits and will not affect the thought process in a negative method. There are some easy steps to consider as you choose the best TV picks for your kid.

• You can view your television program much earlier than your child if possible.You can watch the program yourself to make certain that it does not contain any inappropriate content such as violence or adult content or bad words.

Kid Picks

• You can do some research by visiting an appropriate website which reviews and has parent reviews about the TV programs of children like ‘Common Sense Media’ and the ‘Parents Television Council”. You can go through these reviews and also search for weekly picks that will orient with the value in your family. It should also meet your personal preference for the TV viewing habit of your child.

• You can have a look and evaluate the TV ratings for each and every show that your kid wishes to watch very much. You must select programs which contain decent ratings for your kid. You can seriously consider the ‘TV Parental Guidelines’, which is trusted to be contained in almost all the local TV listing. For example TV-Y is fine to watch for children of all ages, TV-Y7 is but targeted for children who are around 7 years, and TV-Y7-FV telecasts some programs with mild tone violence or fantasy. Hence it is intended for children above seven years of age. TV-G is targeted for audience of every age; in general it contains almost no adult content. But TV-PG can contain some violence or adult content programs. TV-14 has programs which are more intended for kids above fourteen years. TV-MA is strictly for mature and adult audience.

• You must select programs for your kid to view that covers educational topics like programs on science or wildlife and also various documentaries.

• You can make a nice habit of watching TV with your son or daughter whenever you can.Just selecting or picking a TV program for the child will not suffice every time. If you cannot review the program early due to your tight work schedule you can relax and watch it with your kid. This also helps you in sharing quality family time.

• You can always communicate with your child about his or her TV viewing, the watching habit and the topic of the program. You should not always assume that a program is educational because it is advertised like that. You should rely on impartial reviews and mostly your judgment.

It is advisable that you put a cap on the TV viewing hours. It is better if your child does not exceed the two hours of TV viewing as suggested by AAP, irrespective of how good the show may be.

Another crucial kid picks can be the selection of the perfect MP3 players.Music player is now a hit amongst kids of every age. MP3 players are generally portable, small in size and easy to use. Children of all ages can use the device and enjoy themselves. In the market numerous MP3 players are available, some are targeted for the kids. It all depends on the parent who can make the perfect Kid Picks by taking few things into consideration.

•    Most MP3 players are there to be accessed by children. The prices can range from 25 to 100 dollars each player. The songs downloaded can be expensive also. If you need to select a proper player which does not become obsolete after few months of buying it. So your kid can at least use the player for some years before going for the latest one.

•    You should consider your child’s age. A small child does not need an elaborate feature like a grown up kid.

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