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How to make the best kid picks for cell phone?

Once you have finalized the decision of buying a cell phone for the young one, you need to do a little research to have the best Kid Picks. You need to check out numerous varieties of cell phones and services that are specially made for children in response to the huge increase in demand of this target market. Most of the plans are based on safety and simplicity for the young generation.

•    Cingular Firefly cell phone for kids-Cingular Firefly phone was first created and sold for kids only. The design of this phone is very basic and only for small kids. It consists of two symbol keys without any numeric keypad. The special feature is an online program, by which parents can set the phone so that it rejects all incoming calls other than those in the phone book. It is a bit costly. The price of the device is around hundred dollars and the call rate is 25 cents a minute if you are not using the Cingular network. One major concern is that the phone is not rugged.

Kid Picks

•    Verizon Wireless LG Migo phone for kids –This is another cell phone for kids with five number keys. Each key is associated to an assigned person or contact number. It is small, so that kids can easily hold it with small hands. This phone has the speaker phone option along with vibrating mode and attractive polyphonic ringtones. You cannot stop incoming calls though. But this gives parents the flexibility to call from many locations while using different numbers.

•     Enfora Tic Talk phone for kids –The Tic Talk phone does not at all look like a cell phone. It is similar to a walkie-talkie handset. The main drawback of this model is you have to press a number of buttons to finish a call. You also have to remember that you cannot hold the phone close to the ear as it makes a not so soothing buzzing sound. You can dial only a restricted set of numbers. It is particularly designed for voice calls without any text message or email or picture and the internet.

•    For the teenagers or the big boys and girls you can select the ‘Ace Comm’s Parent Patrol’. It is almost like a regular cell phone. You can actually regulate the minutes and the text messages your child can use by setting the maximum hour limit by incorporating the 2 – 5 dollars a month plan or any other participating plan. You have the facility to block numbers and restrict unwanted content from the mobile internet. Hence it becomes a good device to show your kid how they can balance the talk time.

This is a great tool to use to teach your kids how to balance their minutes.

The decision is finally yours after judging the pros and cons and going for the perfect kid picks in case of cell phone.

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